Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We are learning chess with Tony. Here are today's lessons: Don't move the a or h pawn on the first move. If you are in check you have to protect your king or move it. If your pawn is up move it and try to have the two rooks in the same rank or file. If you can, try to castle. Pawns can become a queen if they reach the other side of the board. Try not to move the same piece twice in a row. A good opening is moving the E pawn to E4.

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Craig Farrel

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Chess Tournament

Well done to our chess club members who participated in the Cavan Chess Club Junior Tournament last Saturday.
Each player had several games, some were won and some were lost.
Christopher, Dylan, Kate and Jude were photographed by The Anglo Celt, look at the back of the front section!
Tony wants all chess club members to bring a notebook with them from now on.
In the meantime, practice this -