Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Week 2

Today, we started by revising the pieces, their values and how they can move around the board.
We need to practice lots because Tony will be starting a chess league shortly!

Here is what we learned today:
The pawn moves straight ahead but captures diagonally.
If the pawn makes it to the 8th rank, it is promoted.

Knights can jump other pieces, either opponents or its own side.

Pieces are referred to depending on whether they are on the side of the King or Queen, so we talk about the King's bishop or the Queen's bishop.

Tony advised not to bring out the Queen too early in the game, keep her safe because she is very important!

The King is priceless.When he is checked (cannot avoid capture), the game is over.                                  He can move in any direction, 1 square at a time.

Another very important thing to remember is that once you touch a piece, you have to move it, so think carefully before you move!

The weakest squares on the board are F2 (white), and F7 (black).

"Scholars Mate" is a series of moves that can win or lose you the game in just a few moves!
Have a look at this website to learn the moves so you can beat your friends and family!

If I have forgetten anything from the lesson, please tell me.
Get out those chess boards and start playing!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

1st lesson

Today, Tony showed us the different positions on the chess board.
They are all numbered and lettered.
Each square has its own unique name.
This is important to study for future lessons.
Each piece was introduced and we learned how they move around the board.
Look at some of the websites in the sidebar to help you practice and revise pieces and their moves.

Tony gave homework to prepare for next week.
Place 3 white pawns at a5, b5 and c5.
Place 3 black pawns at a7, b7 and c7.
You must try to get the white pawns to rank (row) 8.
You may have to try a variety of combinations to get this.
It might help to have a small notebook or page and write down the steps you took.
Good luck!


Today we had our first ever chess club with Tony.
Lots of children are eager to learn this exciting game, and we hope to improve greatly in the course of lessons.
You can use this blog to remind yourself of what we learned this week.
We also hope to get lots of games going in school.
If you have any ideas or questions please get in touch!