Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Tony has listed a number of strategies to open a game well.
Practice these and try to remember them in your games, we will be playing a tournament soon!

  • attack the centre
  • develop your pieces
  • castle early
  • knights before bishop
  • protect the king
  • don't move the same pawn twice
  • move pieces, not pawns
  • don't bring out the queen too early
Middlegame guidelines:
  • seize the initiative
  • block opponents bishops
  • place rooks on open files
  • avoid double pawns
  • use your tactics
  • remember pins, skewers and forks
  • observe the pawn structure
  • expose weaknesses
This is the game you were playing in class this week:
White                      Black
e4                           e5
Nf3                        Nc6
Bc4                        Nf6

Tony wants to see how you can develop this game for next week.